CI/CD Optimization

With automated testing and feature/preview environments alongside code review processes, we ensure that only high-quality, stable code reaches production, minimizing bugs and enhancing overall product reliability.

Building a CI/CD pipeline should not be a fire-and-forget exercise. Just like the software under development, it pays to take an iterative approach to your CI/CD practices: keep analyzing the data and listening to feedback in order to refine your CI/CD process.

Automated tests, production monitoring, collaboration with other functions and users behavior all provide inputs to the software development process. By working in smaller chunks and releasing frequently, you can keep adjusting based on feedback and continuously improve what you deliver.

We talk about is the goal of DevOps — to deliver high quality working software faster: 1. High quality meaning no security flaws, in compliance, minimum defects, etc. 2. Working meaning end to end it really works for all parties, that it is been tested, and all dependencies are satisfied. 3. Faster meaning as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.

How we can help you

Optimum branching strategy
High quality code
Preview environments combined with integration & performance testing
Creating Trust in the Deployment Pipeline
Code scanning and signing output to authenticate the software development
Reduce the Change Failure Rate
Canary deployments and automated rollbacks
Customer experience
Feature toggles & A/B Testing

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