Golden Paths to Production

Enables organizations to consolidate knowledge and best practices and increase sharing and discovery between teams. This leads to increased automation and innovation, faster, more secure software production, and an improved developer experience.

A Golden Path, also known as a paved road, is a well-defined and opinionated approach for software development. It provides clear guidance and support, allowing teams to create software more efficiently.

The Golden Path offers a supported approach with defined tooling, processes, and methodologies for building and deploying software. It embraces cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, CI/CD, DevOps, and DevSecOps. By adhering to established tools and processes and focusing on “golden path software”, developers can enhance productivity and reduce time to value.

Golden paths create an abstraction that allows for varying approaches without having to learn the underlying technology. [...] But, Golden Paths abstractions should be transparent and if a developer wanted to understand what happens behind the curtains, it should not only be possible for them to do so, it should also be easy. In a shift-left scenario where developer teams are responsible for the end-to-end processes behind the code they produce (you build it, you run it), this approach inspires trust in the platform.

How we can help you

Discovery and learning
Clearly defined goals, step-by-step tutorials, and best practices facilitate onboarding and help team members learn about the preferred tools and services available
Creation and iteration
Shareable templates and accelerators as archetypes enable developers to build applications amidst chaos
Integration and deployment
Automation and self-service capabilities, such as CI/CD pipelines, API management, and containers orchestration, streamline the integration and deployment processes
Improved operations
Standarizing monitoring and observability features provide a whole visibility and deeper insights, enabling proactive management of applications behavior.

The key to empowered developers